Yung CoCo

All photo's made by me or crewmembers.
Ask me anything. Respect the 47. #LongLiveSteelo
Iemand van 17 met een bril, een spiegelreflex en op het moment maar één werkende analoge camera.
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  • send me 2 things and i’ll tell ye wich i prefer

    Hi sweety can u pleeease reblog my last post? I hope it will get notes haha, ty xx

    Asked by oceanatural

    Nah sorry sweety, most pathetic question i’ve seen for a while xx

    are u planning on going 2 any festivals ???

    Asked by Anonymous

    Fuck yes, im going to pinkpop, @ Landgraaf, the Netherlands, to see the Rolling Stones and John Mayer. But i really want to go to Coachella someday.

    lords of dogtown is the best movie and so is back to the future 1 though I don't like 2&3 your perf btw and your photos are so surrealistic and out of this world it's crazy I love them

    thank you so much :)

    ahah well idk

    Asked by Anonymous

    Haha what could happen?

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