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All photo's made by me or crewmembers.
Ask me anything. Respect the 47. #LongLiveSteelo
Iemand van 17 met een bril, een spiegelreflex en op het moment maar één werkende analoge camera.
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  • ahhh yeh the kooks are so good!! i rlly like foster the people their old album more haha but thats okay :--) whats ur fav album from arctic monkeys?? their first album is my fav album in the world x

    Asked by Anonymous

    Nah  i think my favorite is Suck It And See :) but why are you on anon?

    Send me a couple numbers to find out:

    Have you ever:
    1. Skipped class?
    2. Done drugs?
    3. Self harmed?
    4. Drank?
    5. Shoplifted?
    6. Gotten a tattoo?
    7. Broken up with someone?
    What's your favorite:
    8. Show?
    9. Movie?
    10. Song?
    11. Tumblr?
    12. Singer/Band?
    13. Memory?
    14. Book?
    This or that:
    15. Invisibility or Ability to fly?
    16. Cookies or Cake?
    17. Twitter or Facebook?
    18. Movies or Books?
    19. Coke or Sprite?
    20. Blind or Deaf?
    21. Tea or Coffee?
    What's your:
    22. Age?
    23. Sign?
    24. Height?
    25. Sexual orientation?
    26. Shoe size?
    27. Religion?
    28. Longest relationship?
    Opinion on:
    29. Gay rights?
    30. Second chances?
    31. Long distance relationships?
    32. Abortion?
    33. The death penalty?
    34. Marijuana ?
    35. Love?
    Do you:
    36. Believe in ghost?
    37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it?
    38. Sleep with the door opened or closed?
    39. Love someone?
    40. Still watch cartoons?
    41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
    42. Like yourself?
    15 22 37 41 42 :)

    Asked by Anonymous

    15: ability to fly haha 22: seventeen 37: turned away from it hahaha 41: nah 42: nah

    hi im the anon from san cisco and smallpools a while ago haha, do u like foster the people??? and what about the kooks?? just curious xx

    Asked by Anonymous

    Haha i like questions like these. The Kooks is one of my favorite bands. Foster the people is a little bit weird but their new album is great :)

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